Ayurveda & Holisitic Nutrition, Advanced Anatomy and Therapeutics, and Prenatal.

with Lisa Benner and Erin Moon

August 26th-September 3rd, 2017

Ayurveda: The Science of Life & Holistic Nutrition- Students will move explore the concepts of Ayurveda and the application of those concepts to their own lives and those of their clients. There will also be an intro to holistic nutrition and an exploration of gut health and the healing power of certain foods such as fermented items.

As above, so below: Advanced Anatomy-    Building on the foundations of anatomy, students will dive deeper into the body systems from the standpoint of healing and therapeutics, also examining how the energetic maps of the body align with the physical. Experiential learning and practical application to the art of teaching will be a significant component of this module.

Creation: Pre-Post Natal and Fertility-    A more in-depth exploration of Pre and Post Natal concepts building on the basics. Students will learn about the anatomical, hormonal, and muscular changes which occur normally in the pregnant body, and explore modifications and sequences that support these shifts.  In addition, this module will address the psychological and emotional shifts that can occur pre-natal and post partum.  Meditation and other practices to support conscious processing of the beautiful journey of fertilty/pregnancy, through birth and beyond, will be explored and embodied.