Sourcing Inspiration, Advanced Meditation and Pranayama & Tantric Philosophy

with Johanna Bell and Jackie Foley


Illuminated Creativity: Sourcing Inspiration-    In this module, we tap into the wealth of natural/spiritual inspiration available in the sacred vibrational sources of poetry, art, dance, numerology, geometry, metaphor and myth. We will play with receiving this inspiration, learning to spontaneously express it through the channel of our individual truths. The weekend will culminate as we direct the creativity and free expression back into the clear channel of the yoga experience and the art of sequencing a class.

The Unified Mind: Advanced Meditation and Pranayama-    Students will dive deeper into their embodiment and discipline within meditation and pranayama practice. They will also learn to effectively choose techniques for their clients and learn to teach these transformative practices in a classroom setting.

The Divine Pulsation: Yoga Spandakarika and the path of wholeness-    Students will dive into the concepts revealed by the sacred Tantric text, the Yoga Spandakarika. In addition to discussing the essentials of tantric philosophy, each student will share passages they find personally relevant and how they might source the text within a teaching context.