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Explore the tools to transform your classes into yoga experiences that dive beyond and through asana into the heart of what it means to be human.

This Illumina Flow 30 hour YA registered Continuing Education: Your truth is the inspirational gateway to universal themes. We will teach you to authentically and intuitively transmit metaphor and creativity into every dimension of your teaching.

During this 30 Hour Training you will learn:
The Illumina Philosophy-   The full spectrum approach to teaching, using the chakras as a lens for guidance and healing.
Illuminated Sequencing-    An exploration beyond the basics of sequencing into techniques that turn good vinyasa krama into soul resonating adventure. Teachers explore the next wave of cycle style sequencing, incorporating inspiration from the structure of vibrational & musical sources, spontaneous moving metaphor and conscious exploration of their own relationship to universal truths as a gateway. Receive templates and inspirational materials to help map the journey moving forward.
Illuminated Creativity: Sourcing Inspiration-    Tap into the wealth of natural/spiritual inspiration available in the sacred vibrational sources of poetry, art, dance, numerology, geometry, metaphor and myth. We will play with receiving this inspiration, learning to spontaneously express it through the channel of our individual truths.
Creative Embodiment-    4 Master Classes designed specifically to tap students into the creative flow and to explore sacred sourcing.
Supportive Sadhana-    Practices will be given to open and strengthen the creative channel throughout the training and beyond.

Master Classes

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Dive into the creative process as we join together to collectively choose the theme for practice, sourcing inspiration through group consciousness, to watching the layers of Illumina Flow come to life into the full spectrum of practice.

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"Were truth our uttered language, Angels might talk with men."
Join us a class experience that will open your body, mind spirit to the powerful channel of your own truth and how it links directly to essential Truth. After a physical practice that opens this channel into free-flying space, we will explore some journaling exercises to carry the experience deeper into your life.

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Not a Yoga asana class, this experience will be a wild journey into spontaneous movement and expression to unleash the power and resonance of your creative flow and the richness of all shades and colors of your being.

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In this ritualized experience, we will travel through the directions, archetypes and energies of the Incan medicine Wheel, using it as a portal for personal healing and an initiation into the power and promise of the unified self.

Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.

John Steinbeck


Next Training TBA
Friday - Sunday
Attend 2 Additional Illumina Flow Classes
2 Observed Class Reflections
Completion of Personal Daily Sadhana

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.


About Johanna Bell

Johanna Bell is the Co-Director of Illumina East Yoga and served as the Co-Director of Sonic Yoga and its teacher training programs including the 300 hour as a senior teacher and sequencing specialist devoted to the infinite creative and connective stream of each individual’s truth. She is known as a teacher’s teacher and continues to mentor hundreds of teachers on their ever expanding journeys. She is the founder of Illumina Yoga and the Full Spectrum Sequencing Approach.

There are Two Ways of Spreading Light: To be the Candle or the Mirror that Reflects it.

Edith Wharton

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Although you appear in earthly form your essence is pure Consciousness. You are the fearless guardian of Divine Light. So come, return to the root of the root of your own soul.