Journey to Egypt, ancient culture of secret wisdom and magnificent beauty.
Are you longing for a transformative retreat that will help you get the answers you are looking for?
Do you want to take a trip that will create a powerful shift in your whole self?

Are you someone who values living in alignment with your own deepest truth?

You know your best work happens when you are communicating from your own self knowledge.

This retreat is an opportunity to learn the power of your insight and intuition for transformation.

By the end of this retreat you will…

Have the strength, tenacity, and confidence to unlock the power of your own intuition, self knowledge, and radiant gifts. You will know how to align with your personal power and truth by using your individual yoga practice to create intention. Your own inner light will shine brighter because you will have released self-limiting beliefs and opened up space heal and grow. Surrounded by the mysteries and majesty of ancient and modern Egypt, you will return home with fresh insight, personal clarity, and renewed vision for yourself.

Why Egypt?

There is such great mystery surrounding the meanings hidden within the ancient Egyptian culture. The incredible feats of architectural accomplishments, as well as the teachings from the Mystery Schools, and meanings behind their daily rituals and practices.

There is an awakening to be experienced by taking in all of these iconic sites, as well as immersing yourself in daily practices to connect with the powerful and ever-present gifts of self-knowledge and depths of mental powers you can unlock.
Nowhere else on the planet offers the the complexity, vastness, and sophistication of  human existence as presented from a time which valued esoteric understandings of the universe and spirit, and used them to accomplish the impossible. Granite tombs moved impossible distances, hieroglyphics of spaceships and airplanes, hidden artifacts; you will leave with more questions than answers.
The Nile river provides incredible views of beautiful landscape and sunrise/sunsets, modern Egypt provides an exquisite and humble look at the beauty of Muslim culture, food, and hospitality.

Step into your Power…and Egyptian hospitality.

Over 12 days and 11 nights, we will wind our way from Cairo and Luxor, to experience a thorough immersion into ancient and Modern Egypt.

Our first stop brings us to a place older than the pyramids and ancient Egypt, The Valley of the Whales is a site of some of the oldest remains on the plant.

The coastal city of Wadi al Hitan offers the space to ground and let go of your job, daily responsibilities, and long travel.

Our time spent in Egypt will feel like a caravan, as we spend our time on pilgrimages from beautiful resting spots to all of the iconic sites. Our yoga practices will be the place from which we will stay grounded and centered amidst the daily excitement.

JOURNEY | Overview

Each step of our journey has been thoughtfully planned and carefully designed to offer you a unique and intimate experience in Egypt like none other.

Travel in a third-world country can be confusing: planning an itinerary, finding local guides, figuring out transportation, and finding time to relax and enjoy delicious food, are difficult enough tasks in your home country.

You will be guided, cared for, and supported step by step as we traverse temples and deserts, yoga, and mysticism with the utmost care and attention.

This is holistic experience: in keeping with yogic philosophy, we will embody the stages of yogic practice during each part of itinerary. It is our intention to support you to Ground, Reflect, Explore, Elevate and Expand your whole self during the retreat in order to have an unforgettable experience.

GROUND | Accommodations

Connect to the mystic

Throughout the course of the retreat, we will  be staying in 3 different locations throughout Egypt:

Bayoum Lakeside Hotel- Al Fayoum        Nile Cruise        Four Seasons-Cairo


Our first residence in Egypt will be at the impeccable Byoum Lakeside Hotel which is a 4-star hotel located on the tranquil shores of Lake Quran in the city of Fayoum, the largest city in the Fayoum Oasis and the oldest city in Egypt.

Byoum Lakeside Hotel offers a comfortable retreat amid Fayoum’s rich ancient history and exciting natural surroundings.


Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime as you embark upon a 6-night Nile River cruise. Prepare to witness incredible sunrise meditations amidst the backdrop of the Egyptian landscape, the stirring voices of Imams singing from nearby mosques, and the gentile embrace of the river itself.

Private chef and crew, comfortable sleeping quarters, daily yoga and meditation, and time to rejuvenate in between temple adventures and markets.


Flanked by zoological gardens and the western bank of the Nile, the Four Seasons Cairo in Giza’s prestigious First Place complex puts you in the center of it all.

Catch a glimpse of the river or the Great Pyramids from your room as you head out to explore the ancient wonders, spend time by the pool, and indulge in an aromatic massage once reserved for Egyptian royalty. Or opt for shopping in the high-end boutiques at the First Mall.


Your journey begins when we meet as a group in at the Cairo International Airport to journey south where our pilgrimage begins.

We will travel by private bus from each of our residences with a private guide and private driver.

Throughout our trip, our tour operator will be with us to help answer your questions and to offer translation, when necessary.

From Cairo to Luxor we will travel by a domestic air carrier.

Please note that cabs to and from the airport are not provided as part of the trip package. All other necessary internal travel is inclusive.


Egyptian cuisine makes heavy use of legumes, vegetables and fruit from Egypt’s rich Nile Valley and Delta. It shares similarities with the food of the Eastern Mediterranean region, such as rice-stuffed vegetables, grape leaves, hummus, babaganoush, and falafel. Examples of Egyptian dishes include ful medames, mashed fava beans; kushari, lentils and pasta; and molokhiya, bush okra stew. Pita bread, known locally as eish baladi is a staple of Egyptian cuisine, and cheesemaking in Egypt dates back to the First Dynasty of Egypt, with domty being the most popular type of cheese consumed today.

All provided meals will be (optionally) gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan friendly.

REFLECT | Your Guides

Hospitality, Experience, Awareness, Kindness. These are the values we embrace and with which we plan our retreats.

Taking care of every detail so that you do not have to worry about the itinerary, where you’re going to be sleeping, or what you’re going to be eating, is what we do best.

That is why we work with an amazing team: from our Tour Operator Egyliere Travel who does all the behind the scenes planning and ensures that everyone runs smoothly, to local our Egyptologist whom will be with us throughout the whole trip to answer all questions and guide our journey.

Our team takes on those tasks with years of experience, skill, and expertise, so that we are there for you to support your journey, answer questions, and share in your experience.

From the get go, Rian and Hannah were very well organized and guided us through all our preparations, whether it was recommended flights, trip logistics, adapting to changing weather conditions or just answering many of our queries.
Once we were in Peru, every detail of our trip was meticulously planned - our accommodations, the scenic train ride to Machu Picchu, the amazing ancient local ceremonies and visits to places of history and interest.

Rian Bodner

Retreat Leader

Hannah Gruber

Retreat Leader

Ahmed Bekheet


Egyliere Travel

Retreat Operator


You are ready to let go of self limiting beliefs and become the most authentic version of you?
You want your yoga practice to support the evolution of your human spirit far beyond downward facing dog.

This is not just a vacation to Egypt with some yoga classes thrown in.

On this journey, your yoga practice will grow as you immerse in an environment that is both nurturing and challenging.

Together, Hannah and Rian provide a full spectrum of yogic knowledge and understanding, to support you creating a yoga practice that will serve your human evolution.

Hatha yoga and Kundalini yoga will serve as the foundation for helping you to center yourself, look within, and go deep.

With their intelligent and pragmatic instruction, you will find your own strength and clarity, and learn the tools to access your own intuition to harness your own power.

Hannah is known for her articulate and precise alignment instruction that will help you pinpoint exactly what your body needs in order to transform. With a background in mythology, Ayurveda, and clairvoyant healing, she offers a intelligent, creative and compassionate approach that teaches you how to listen to and be kind to yourself with freedom and ease.

Rian’s teaching creates the space for tangible, visceral, blissful, grounding, and unexpected opening. Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, you will work deeply to release subconscious blocks, embody the strength you possess to relate to your compassion and majesty. You will lead yourself through practices specifically used by the Egyptians for intuition, higher self knowledge, and even strengthening psychic powers.

Our yoga program is specifically designed to help guide you on your own personal journey of centering yourself, connecting to your authentic truth, accessing your own wisdom, harnessing your innate strength, and learning to go beyond the chaos and challenges of life while staying in alignment with yourself.

  • 5 Hatha Yoga Practices with Hannah
  • 5 Kundalini Yoga Practices with Rian
  • 3 combined restorative/hatha/Kundalini practices with Hannah and Rian

EXPLORE | The Sites

Connecting with sacred sites located amongst archaeological ruins creates a tangible relationship to the history, mythology, and spirituality of ancient and modern Egypt.
We visit places that teach about specific significance to the Egyptian culture/ mythos as well as hold very profound containers of energetic magnetism.

Valley of the Whales

An Egyptian desert, once an ocean, holds the secret to one of evolution’s most remarkable transformations. Thirty-seven million years ago, in the waters of the prehistoric Tethys Ocean, a sinuous, 50-foot-long beast with gaping jaws and jagged teeth died and sank to the seafloor.

Few sites in the world speak of an evolutionary tale as rich and captivating as that of Wadi al-Hitan, Egypt’s “Whale Valley.” There, amid a wind-sculpted landscape of sand and rocks, lies a large collection of the most unexpected of animal remains—whale fossils.

Great Pyramids of Giza/ Sphinx

Facing directly from West to East, it stands on the Giza Plateau on the west bank of the Nile in Giza, Egypt. The face of the Sphinx is generally believed to represent the pharaoh Khafre. Cut from the bedrock, the original shape of the Sphinx has been restored with layers of blocks.

The Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops) is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza pyramid complex bordering present-day El Giza, Egypt. It is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one to remain largely intact.

Pyramids of Sakkara and Memphis

Ṣaqqārah, also spelled Sakkara, part of the necropolis of the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis, 15 miles (24 km) southwest of Cairo and west of the modern Arab village of Ṣaqqārah. The site extends along the edge of the desert plateau for about 5 miles (8 km), bordering Abū Ṣīr to the north and Dahshūr to the south.

Luxor Temple

The modern town of Luxor is the site of the famous city of Thebes (Waset, in ancient Egyptian), the City of a Hundred Gates. It was the capital of Egypt from the twelfth dynasty on (1991 BC) and reached its zenith during the New Kingdom.

It was from here that Thutmose III planned his campaigns, Akhenaten first contemplated the nature of god, and Rameses II set out his ambitious building program.

The Valley of the Kings/ The Valley of the Queens

The Valley of the Kings is where, for a period of nearly 500 years from the 16th to 11th century BC, rock cut tombs were excavated for the pharaohs and powerful nobles of the New Kingdom.

You will have the opportunity to visit the Tomb of King Tutankhamun Nefertiti, as well as many others.

Temple of Khnum

Construction of the Temple of Khnum, the ram-headed creator god who fashioned humankind on his potter’s wheel, was begun by Ptolemy VI Philometor (180–45 BC). The Romans added the hypostyle hall, the only part of the temple that is excavated and can be visited today, with well-preserved carvings from as late as the 3rd century AD.

Dendera Temple

By far one of the most auspicious temples, including hieroglyphics of planes and helicopters, the Dendera Temple features an even older subterranean temple of unknown age with the first known sighting of the Tree of Life symbol. You will experience a special private meditation inside the Dendera Temple.

Coptic and Islamic Cairo

A full day of viewing the incredible beauty of ancient and modern churches within modern Cairo.

The Itinerary

We know how precious your time is, and our Itinerary has been carefully designed to bring you the most from your trip while providing you with an authentic connection to the culture of Egypt.

Our team includes local tour operators and Egyptologist who grew up playing amongst ruins and listening to the stories, secrets, and wisdom of their ancestors, and who have devoted their lives to learning and sharing the history and culture of their homeland.

In Egypt, life is lived a bit differently; and we strive to provide you with modern comforts while respecting the stewardship of the land that the locals strive to maintain.

Our itinerary is built carefully and intentionally yet flexibly so as to account for the hidden surprises that one may encounter while traveling abroad.

  • 2 PRE-TRIP Facebook LIVE sessions (recorded) to go over purchasing airfare, what to expect, how to pack, and answer your questions
  • An incredible journey that takes you to the best sites in Egypt, with all of the planning taken care of so that you can fully immerse
  • Comfortable, cozy accommodation for 11 nights
  • All Meals are included
  • All local travel provided including domestic air and private bus
  • Private Egyptologist guide throughout the trip to provide historical and cultural knowledge
  • Tour operator to oversee all details so that you can sit back and be led
  • *General Entrance fees to all parks, sites, and museums
  • One Nile Dinner Cruise with live entertainment
  • 2 amazing yoga/spiritual teachers to guide you on your journey
  • 5 powerful hatha yoga practices with Hannah
  • 5 inspiring Kundalini practices with Rian
  • 3 combine hatha/restorative/Kundalini practices
  • 1 Yoga Nidra Practice for deep rest and healing
  • 1:1 support and guidance throughout from Hannah and Rian

*Please see ‘not included’ section for details on entrance fees

  • Your round-trip airfare to/from home to Cairo, Egypt
  • Transportation to/from the airport
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance
  • Massage, private healings/ Reiki
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, laundry, bell-boys, and tips for your room maid (we recommend $1-2 USD per day per person)
  • *Internal entrance fees- In certain locations including Valley of the Kings, there are optional fees (bet $5-20 USD) for entry into certain tombs
  • Temples require the purchase of photo taking tickets (bet$5-30 USD), some do no have tickets, but you can “tip” temple guards to allow photos.
  • There are one or two special sites which are only open periodically throughout the year which we might have access to. These sites may cost ($5-30USD)
Each member of our team, each moment of the day, has been thoughtfully chosen so that you can be guided on this journey.

Day 1

Cairo/ Fayoum
  • Arrive to Cairo International Airport where you will be met and greeted by Egyliere Travel representatives
  • Transfer to fayoum and check in at Bayoum Lakeside Hotel
  • Visit Valley of the Whales and Optional Horse back riding
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Meals: Snack Box on the bus, Lunch and Dinner

Day 2

  • Yoga
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Great Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx and Solar Boat
  • The Egyptian Museum and Mummy’s Room
  • Meals: Lunch at Local Restaurant

Day 3

  • Yoga
  • Pyramids of Sakkara and Memphis
  • Marryoka Tomb
  • Carpet Factory

Day 4

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Domestic flight to Luxor
  • Embarked the Nile Cruise
  • Visit Luxor temple
  • Yoga

Day 5

Nile Cruise
  • Yoga
  • The valley of the Kings
  • Valley of the Queens
  • Set sail to Esna

Day 6

Nile Cruise
  • Yoga
  • Enjoy breakfast on the boat
  • Visit Esna
  • Yoga
  • Over night at Elhigaz

Day 7

Nile Cruise
  • Enjoy Yoga & breakfast onboard
  • Visit Edfu
  • Visit Gebal Elsilsla
  • Horemoheb temple

Day 8

Nile Cruise
  • Yoga / breakfast
  • Visit Kom ombo Temple
  • Daraw (camels market)
  • Set sail to Aswan

Day 9

Nile Cruise
  • Yoga/ Breakfast
  • Visit Aswan
  • Philae Temple
  • Sail back to Luxor

Day 10

Nile Cruise/ Cairo
  • Yoga/ breakfast onboard
  • Visit Dendra Temple
  • Private Meditation
  • Fly back to Cairo

Day 11

  • Coptic Cairo and Coptic Museum
  • Islamic Cairo
  • Khan El Khalili Market and Old Souk
  • Nile Cruise with live performance

Day 12

  • Final breakfast
  • Goodbyes
  • Depart

Join Us

12 days/ 11 nights Double Occupancy:


Space for this retreat is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up now to confirm your space!

Because of  tickets and flights, registration ends April 1st.

October 12th- 24th, 2020
Take me to Egypt!
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12 days/ 11 nights $4995

Deposit due upon Registration:$500

Payment will be due in full by April 1st, 2020.

Your deposit guarantees your retreat reservation. Deposits are non-refundable.

*Please Note that all rooms are Double Occupancy. Because of the size of our Nile Cruise Ship, we can only offer double occupancy. Once registration nears closure single occupancy might be offered. If you book alone, we will place you with a roommate of the same gender if required.




PAYMENT PLAN: Make a $500 Deposit at registration.

Your First Payment is due 15 days after registration/deposit is received.

Your Second Payment is due 30 days after 1st payment.

If you sign up after March 1st, your full payment is due by April 1st.


PAY IN FULL: You will be billed one easy installment.

Questions? Or need to talk to us about a payment plan? Please send us an email.

How to Register:

  • Complete your Online Registration Form
  • Select your Payment Option.
  • You will receive an email prompting you to submit your Payment*.
  • You will then receive a confirmation email and be prompted to schedule your 1:1 Clarity Call with Hannah & Rian.
Please note:
*Payments can ONLY be submitted via check, Venmo, or Bank Transfer. We do not accept online payments.
  • After you complete your online registration, you will receive an invoice to complete your payment.


What Can I expect from this Retreat?

Make no mistake, this retreat is for real people who want to do deep sh*t. All joking aside, if your desire is to heal, open and expand your vision of yourself and your capacity as a human being, then this retreat is for you.

CULTURE All of us come from different economic and cultural backgrounds, and have varying expectations when it comes to travel. Please keep in mind that Egypt is a third-world country, and while modern conveniences are more widely available in larger cities, we will be spending most of our time in rural areas where resources and cultural practices are just….different. An open mind is key to enjoying yourself and feeling cared for. That said, don’t worry, all modern conveniences (like plumbing) will be up to standard!

YOGA There are no yoga prerequisites for this retreat. Students of all levels of experience and background are welcome. Whether you are brand new to Kundalini yoga, or you have been practicing meditation only for 20 years, Hannah and Rian have the compassion, experience, and skills to hold space for students of varying needs, abilities, and knowledge.

WEATHER Even though we are in the desert the weather is not quite as hot as you might think. Peak temperatures at this time of year might reach upper 80’s HOWEVER the mornings and evenings require long sleeves and possibly light jackets for comfort.

FOOD/WATER The retreat is completely inclusive of food so as to ensure you are only eating foods that have been properly washed and prepared. Foodborn bacteria in any region outside your home is likely to have bacteria that are unfamiliar to your gut environment, and so any time you travel you are susceptible to contracting illness. All of the water is filtered water; and bottled water provided each day. Personally, we always begin taking probiotics several weeks in advance of travel, and para-cleanse herbs post-travel, to support and maintain healthy digestion before, during, and after the trip.

-ANIMALS Throughout our trip you will encounter many dogs, horses and camels–all of which you may feel tempted to pet and touch. PLEASE NOTE that touching animals puts you at risk of contracting viruses or bacteria and pet at your own discretion.

VACCINATIONS Please visit the CDC to determine whether or not to get vaccinations. Be aware that many vaccines need to be initiated several months in advance of travel in order to be effective.

-BAKSHEESH (Tips) We are traveling to a very poor country where people are hard working and the custom to tip is highly accentuated. It is not “expected”, however in honoring the gross inequality of wealth and privilege it is encouraged to bring money just for tipping.  As little as is equivalent to only fifty cents is seen as very generous. Think of it as less a tip and more of an offering of generosity and appreciation for their culture and hardship.

BAKSHEESH cont- Having said that, everyone wants to sell you things and can be very aggressive. You don’t have to be friendly or acknowledge everyone who tries to solicit you.

Terms & Conditions


Listed Room Prices are based on DOUBLE OCCUPANCY. If you would like us to try and pair you with a roommate, you may reach and and we will do our best to find someone for you to share with.


Any cancellation will result in a total loss of the $500 USD deposit. Cancellations made between November 15 and January 31, 2019 will result in a loss of 50% of the trip price. Any cancellation made between February 1st 2020 and the trip departure will result in a total loss of funds. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so your deposit is refunded in full). We reserve the right to determine if you are not a good fit for this trip (if we do so your deposit will be refunded in full). Should the exchange rate vary more than 5%, price is subject to change. Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans. You can use our suggested Travel Guard Insurance online and choose from several policy options.


Our tour operator Egyliere will do everything to make your stay relaxing and comfortable.

Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans. You can use our suggested Travel Guard Insurance online and choose from several policy options.


There are no planned activities that require elite/athletic physical performance. There will be options for hikes to accommodate all participants. Hannah and Rian are seasoned teachers, skilled at holding space for classes full of students of all levels, from absolute beginners, to folks with injuries, to advanced practitioners.

Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans. You can use our suggested Travel Guard Insurance online and choose from several policy options.