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Your Sanctuary of Belonging and Inspiration

Illumina derives from the Latin word illuminare, “to bring light to.
We light lamps in order to see more clearly. The lamp of Meditation and Yoga conjures the light of pure awareness.

Our prayer is that our yoga and meditation practices, and sacred offerings will help you look more lovingly into all the shades and colors of your own humanity, heal the spaces of exile and cultivate the beauty of your unique gifts.

May this luminous collective become your sanctuary of belonging and inspiration. May it be a source of support as you step out into the world, blazing from your heart as a beacon in the night.

Your light is needed now more than ever.


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What Our Community Says

Illumina has been an upside to the topsy turvy constant pivoting going on in life. Illumina is here with me in my parlor in Brooklyn, or at my step-pa's in Wisconsin. Like landing on the mat and finding a seat in your asana, I am om home with these vibrant and thoughtful practices. Despite the virtual distance I really feel welcomed into the space and community and look forward to my practice.


I would never get up every Saturday morning, in the winter, if I didn't need to take an Illumina class. Wish I didn't need to, honestly. I'm not trying to be a yoga person. But, I am trying to be a better person. That's why Illumina is special. It's not just about the yoga, what people think yoga is or is limited to. Yoga is an extension of who I am and an expansion of who I can become.

AndriaNew York

Practicing the Slow Flow class with Illumina over the last several months has allowed me to feel embraced. Embraced by Johanna through instruction, embraced by a community from all over the world and embraced by spirituality. I have felt so lucky to not have to miss out on all of these important feelings because of social distancing. Instead, I have been able to feel a connection even deeper than I could have imagined. To feel connection that viscerally through the ethers has led me to further understand that we are all connected.


I have learned the importance of a tightly-knit sangha born out of shared experiences. The students are of an eclectic and far-reaching range, meaning of all age groups, very artistic and genuinely caring.

KimNew York

Illumina builds community, I feel that I practice amongst friends. That’s not to say that I know everyone, although I wish I did. It means that feel at ease, I feel ready and supported in focusing and deepening my practice. At the same time, I feel free and able to be playful and expressive. I often enjoy a good laugh during my practice, and that’s very important to me. I think that Illumina teachers are big-hearted people, and that draws in students that have heart. It feels right and important to be in such a thoughtful and inspiring environment. I’m extremely grateful for Illumina.


Illumina is like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Your yoga classes have helped me to be patient and keep going on when things have been difficult....and stretching is always a good idea.


New York City can feel extremely draining and overwhelming at times, Ilumina has helped me not only recharge, but be grateful and enjoy my life in the city more. It feels like a second home to me in NYC. It is the community of teachers and students who make it so.


Illumnia has and continues to push me to unlock a new part of myself.


My practice at Illumina is one of the things I set my schedule around each week. In other words, it is a very important part of my life. My practice helps me cultivate presence and a sense of being, it helps me quiet my chattering mind in a manner that provides an important 'reset' and also gives me tools to better thrive in my life off the mat.


Illumina saved my life years ago...
And having the opportunity to practice online is amazing!!!!!! Especially because i live in Paris..???
It's not a simple class online...
It's a magical world they have created for us!!! Where we can meet the others students, talk with them, with the teacher.. it's a real connection and share of pure love during class!!!
I will never thanks them enough!!


Practicing with Illumina online with a community that not only reaches far and wide but also is connected in heart and spirit is one of the true life lines and gifts that have sustained and uplifted me every week.
Jo leads journeys through the physical practice that reach into and pierce through heart and soul. Illumina offers a safe and open space for going deeply into yoga practices and coming out the other side transformed and with new awareness of self and the world around me.

LindaNew York