Beloved Friends.
This month, we are moving deeper into the collective fire and the process of dissolution. Here in the states, we are approaching an election that feels for many like life or death. Divisiveness runs rampant and lives are being challenged and changed in an instant. In nature (in the northern hemisphere), we are entering the deep release of autumn with shapeshifting happening everywhere around us. Astrologer and Yogini Tracy Mohr reminds us that October also begins with a full moon in the fiery sign of Aries which is ruled by Mars (the god of war) and Mars in retrograde, sitting in challenging aspects to Saturn (Governance) and Pluto (Death/Rebirth & Personal Power).
All of this to say that the communal Kiln is burning hot right now. And like all fires, it has the power to both destroy and create.
For this reason, we have chosen for the “Monthly Mirror” the concept of “Alchemy”. The nature of spiritual alchemy is to transform something for the better, to take our heavy base nature, our raw materials and (through the heat of conscious practices) transmute these materials into something more pure…think Gold, Light, or the Elixir of Life. This transfiguration process requires us to willingly enter the conflagration and to fearlessly let go of familiar forms…to allow ourselves and what we hold significant to dissolve into the Divine Mother’s cauldron so that a new life and a new way may emerge.
Will you join us in Sacred Community this month as we offer everything into the Fire of Change?
Please come as you are.
Bring Your Fear & Your Courage, Your Anger & Your Love, Your Pain and Your Resilience, Your Sorrow and Your Joy.
Let us utter a communal “Swaha! ” as we consecrate it all to the Light.
May that which is leaden drop away and may the rarified essence of all that is good and true within us take flight.
It takes the fire of passion to ignite a change
To burn through the darkness.
Illumination before dissolution
Darkness appearing darker
in it’s dance with the light.
Dissolution diving slowly
Into a swirling solvency of all matter
Where everything matters
Not  At  All.
All suspended beyond definition
Beyond containment
In this space of no thing
Where is-ness undulates in a
Throbbing primal pulse.
Remember this moment
With your hands suspended
Between after and before.
This is the moment
Which ignites the revolution.
This is the moment
Which sparks the evolution.
From the deep simmer of spirit,
Something emerges
Forming in the liquid fabric of your cells,
Called to the surface by your openness,
Called into being
By the incantation of breath,
Called by a heart’s vision
That has not yet been expressed.
Something rises upward
Glittering like the sun,
Forged From from the raw essence
Of all you willingly Upended
All you Discarded, dissolved
Transmuted, Transcended.
Something rises upward
on brilliant ember’d wings,
And something ancient crumbles,
And something timeless
-Johanna Bell-

Alchemy Meditation

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