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“As great as is the light above us, greater by far is the light within.”
― Anasazi Foundation  

Greetings Dear Friends.

In the Celtic Druidic traditions, May begins with a celebration of the union between the God and the Goddess in the festival of Beltane. It is a fertile time of year. The birds trill their mating calls and build their nests. The bees enter the fragrant chalice of the blossom and pollination begins. The earth softens to the rising insistence of the sun. Life is swelling and growing.

From a subtle perspective, all this outer congress points to a more interior form of union. When we bring opposites together within, there is an alchemy that occurs which can open new pathways and seed new possibilities. The joining of our inner masculine (clarity, focus, vigor) with our inner feminine (receptivity, fluidity, sensuality) is one key facet of this inner union, which can flow into many other variations such as the marriage of the causal self with the infinite self, the inner landscape with the outer landscape, the mind with the heart, effort with ease… the list goes on.

This is the work of Yoga which comes from the root Yuj, cognate to the English word Yoke, which means to join. We inherently understand that when two join as one, something is birthed that expands beyond the sum of the parts.

Please join us this month as we explore the many emanations of “union” as we relish the beauty of this fecund season’s gifts.

All My Love.

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