Greetings Dear Friends and Happy April!

The signs of Re-birth are everywhere. Though most things have not fully emerged into green and blossom, everything around us is pregnant and pulsing with life force. Can you feel it?
This month is rich with rains that flow succulence into mother earth and expanding light that coaxes the rising.The bird song is sweet and golden.The animals are engaged in their mating rituals.  Our skin rejoices in the kiss of the sun.

The natural world is vibrating with what is known in Sanskrit as Sri. There are many ways to explore this concept.  One simple way is to look at it as the flow of auspiciousness (all that is expanding, sweet, full of life and potential).
Another is to pull apart it’s sacred syllables.  Shi and Hri. Shi is a seed form of Shiva(the divine masculine where Hri is a seed form of Hrim (Mantra for the Goddess and for the heart of the Universe/Hridayam). So to explore Sri, we can think of it as the sacred and fertile union of Shiva Shakti that engenders, balances, purifies and heals all life.

Please enjoy this word-scape on SRI co-created by your Illumina guides and the explorations on the mat and beyond that will stream towards you this month.
Much Love.


श्री : essence of the Soul Self.
The one beyond time and space.
One that is the ‘Consciousness in continuity’.
The one that brings harmony and balance to the Universe.
Beyond understanding
honor the seed vibration of the heart,
Offer and receive in one continuous flow
See it within.  Seed it without.
the flower, the ocean, the universe…
It is the expanse of all love
Ever alive, effervescent, and present.
Limitless, abundant, ‘jewel’ of I.
Bud, blossom, bloom.
Fragrance of rose.
Grace in action.
Prosperity is the emanation.
Beauty is the being.
Wealth is in the freedom.
Glittering gold,
The shimmering if you look around and See.
The cherry on top. A perfect avocado.
Cream on top yogurt. A sunny day.
Child’s laughter. Fresh laundry.
A crackling fire.
The perfect note to end on.

Moving Metaphor

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