Greetings Illumina Family.
Welcome to the month of December!

In this darkest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere where we journey towards the luminous re-birth at Winter Solstice, we have chosen to focus on the concept of “LIGHT” as our Monthly Mirror.

Light is something we see referenced a whole lot within the greater “Spiritual” community, yet rarely is it explored in it’s depth, complexity and Power.

Below is a word-scape co-created by some of your Illumina Guides. We hope you find this evocative and encourage you to explore a spontaneous writing beginning with “Light Is” on your own.

Light Is…
Light is warmth, illumination, understanding & fire
It is all colors
the revelation of truth…
Light offers the ability to see.
It is a reminder…what we are all drawn to.
It is not a goal.
It is not a state.
It is nourishment.
It is refinement.
It is elegance.
It is grace.
It is sustaining.
Light is the portal to the spirit
It shines through darkness to engage love
It is LOVE
Light is being in the grace of Divine
even when the shadows of darkness take over.
It is the gentle flickering Hope
that never fades.
Light is the indelible inner radiance
that hints at the unfathomable brilliance.
Light is the eternal essence
And the compelling beacon
that guides us onward
(~ Maria Wagner, Rian Bodner, Cathleen Wasielewski, Neeta Handa, Johanna Bell)

Please do join us this month via Livestream or On Demand as we travel together through the many shimmering facets of “Light”.

And that beautiful light shining through your eyes?
Oh yes, we see it and we bow.

Much Love.
The Illumina Team

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