Oh my friends, I know you feel it too…summer slowly sliding away in the heightening of the winds and the sweet cool of the evening.  I call it the quickening toward Autumn because everything starts to speed up, from the shift in light to the pace of work.
I resist. Every Year I resist…
And yet, It is bitter and sweet.  For there is work to do and change to make. That one inside me who lives for transformation, her heart quickens and her feet dance with the accelerando of the rhythm.  There is another one who has been longing for rest and has found it here and there in the miraculous barefoot moments that summer can provide…moments of coming home to the sacred spaces of sea, forest, mountains, grass. She is dragging her feet and praying to remain in that sun-filled and time-expanded season.
To that part of myself and to all of you who might feel the same way, I offer this Joseph Campbell Quote:

“When you have found the center within yourself that is the counterpart of the sacred space, you do not need to go to the forest, you can begin to find a technique for extracting repose from that center. You can live in that center, even while you remain in relation to the dance of the world. Take rest. A field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.”

There is so much deep and active transformation required of us this year in particular.  The drum beat of my heart agrees. Yet, the greater the pull of profound change, the more we must counter with sanctuary in which to rest, renew and re-envision.

For this reason, Rian and I are re-activating Illumina as an online portal.  Our prayer is that you will find it to be a Home and a Haven for this challenging time in our collective journey. May our offerings assist you in strengthening your awareness and deepening your presence. Most of all, may they fortify the most sacred chamber within your heart, that Sanctuary that is un-struck and gleaming with your one precious, and eternal light.

Your radiance is needed now more than ever. Thank you for being part of this network of Grace. We see, support and bow to all that you are.

With Love and Solidarity for the journey ahead.

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