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Divine Mother,
How persistent you are in your desire to disintegrate the  paradigms of separation and to integrate us all back into the sacred whole.  You are to be called in now in this dark time preceding the birth.  You hold us all in your belly.  Your body is our world, inner/outer.  

We persist in fighting you like recalcitrant children not wanting to take responsibility for what is ours… both to claim and to heal.

We bow to you, great mother, in the form of the Primal Shakti as Grandmother Spider….straddling the web of being and weaving new constellations of meaning, sutures of golden thread to  connect what feels separate and lost.

How can we assist you in mending the tears in the fabric of our Inner Beings and the world?

Greetings Dear Friends.

November commences with the celebration of Dia De Los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) which originated in ancient Meso America.  It is a celebration of Life and a reaching across time to connect with the ancestors, honoring them as part of who we are, and recognizing them integral to the unfolding story. The month will near its close with celebrations of Gratitude, for the land and its gifts of nourishment, the circle of beings who fill our cups with Love, and the experiences that move us deeper into the felt space of the heart.

It dawned on me that a beautiful Mirror to look through might be the WEB OF CONNECTION that anchors us (if we allow it) as we move through our lives, this net that spreads across dimensions originating in the great heart of “All that Is”. When we remember that we are intricately and intimately connected to all things, a great compassion arises within us.  We begin to care for each other and the natural world with great tenderness and expanded awareness. This is the medicine I need right now, especially as I feel so deeply the divisiveness rising within our collective (especially in the States around the mid-term elections).

Shall we refine our awareness to reach out beyond lines of division into the fine filaments that anchor us all in our essential Unity? In doing so, we become better ancestors and weave a legacy of Love.


All my LOVE.

Moving Metaphor

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