Greetings and Happy 2021 to our Illumina Community!
On our hearts this month is the part of the path known as the Return or Descending.
What people see as success, as the culmination of the journey is often the concept of Rising, Transcendence, Climbing the Highest Peak…an arduous journey that leads  to a spectacular view or expanded perspective. In our collective mythology, what is often neglected or washed over is the journey of return.  This is perhaps the most important part of the journey and the one that is skipped over in favor of the next glorious vista or ascendant experience. Ascension…how many times do we hear that in so called “spiritual” circles.


The journey of return is not so glamorous for it requires us to collect all we have learned and bring it into the sweat, blood and bone of our bodies…to have awareness and to DO something about it…to carry it into the hidden space of our psyches and the harrowing corners  of our society…to plug into the diverse and overwhelming web of connection which is longing for us to remember it as Holy and Whole.

This last year has been a grueling one…one in which I believe all of us have had our eyes opened and our hearts laid bare in some way.  There will be no going back to what was. Yet we must use all we have learned to RETURN to the belonging and balance that is the birthright of all

DESCENDRE. To Descend.
Shall we do this dear friends?… like a legion of flesh and blood angels…awareness wide open, minds connected to hearts, hearts in our hands, leaning into our experience… knowing this earth, this time, these beings as our only sacred and transformative ground.

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