Greetings and Happy February Illumina Family!

As you know, I am writing to you from frigid, snow covered New York State with more snow on the way tonight into tomorrow. Everything feels suspended…except the wind which is sharp and piercing.  In fact, today I walked across frozen surface of our little lake that just 3 months ago I was still swimming through. No Birdsong, no sign of animals except one little fox track in the dusting of snow so light and cold it spirals up and scatters with every puff of breeze. I often find that in the stillness of winter, I become more aware of the subtle pulsations underneath.  It’s like when you enter the space between the inhale and exhale and you feel the heartbeat more intensely.

There is no real suspension of energy, is there?  This life is moving, shifting, expanding, contracting, rising and descending like our very breath.  Even something so dense and heavy the great grandmother stone which anchors a portion of our land is dancing inside her cellular structure.

As we move into this last full month of the season of winter which happens to be almost completely in the phenomenon of Mercury Retrograde (where forward progress, transport, communication can seem to get tangled, halted or disrupted), let us tune ourselves inward to the subtle flow of change that is ever present underneath the surface and follow her rivers inward, downward backward onward with such loving awareness that we find ourselves arriving in the pulsating heart of all that is.

Below is a spontaneous poem on E-motion (Our Monthly Mirror) co-created by your Illumina Guides.  Let it sing in your cells.  We send you LOVE.


breath of life …. pulse of life… energy on the move…
a potency of heart to guide the path
Energetic, Ecstatic, Enclave,
encompassing every embodied experience
Sometimes still, sometimes fast.
Currents widening, happening knowing.
Building swimming swirling going without Pause,
wait—Yet— yes yes yes!
but, either this and that.
Feeling always and often but held.
Ever flowing- subtle or strong
True GPS of the soul-
pay attention and LISTEN
In and Out
Ebb and Flow
Wave and a wave and a wave and a WAVE and a…….. wave.
Welcome the Pulse that welcomes you Home.

Moving Metaphor

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