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What is Spiritual Companionship & Direction?

Unlike traditional counseling, Spiritual Direction revolves around an individual’s expanding relationship with their higher self or God.  We come to spiritual direction to amplify our connection to our innate wisdom and to the messages of support and guidance flowing towards us from Life and/or whatever our understanding of Divinity or higher power is. As an Inter-Spiritual Director, I am not bound to the wisdom of any one tradition, though I respect and honor them all. I will hold space for the Mystical heart that beats within you as I accompany you through whatever is unfolding in your journey.

What to expect from an individual session:

After you fill out a brief questionnaire to give me a window into where you are in your life, what your relationship to Spirit is and what your intentions are for our sessions, we will meet via Zoom for a 50 minute session. Each session will start with a simple opening ritual to welcome us into conscious presence within our bodies and beings, and to invite the energy of Spirit/God/Love/Presence to be with us. I will support you in voicing your intention for the session and we will proceed to allow space for conversation, silence and revelation of insight.

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Cocreating a Group Ritual:

Whether it be for a wedding, a baby naming, a celebration of life or a life transition of any kind, I can help you to create a ceremonial space that will hold you and your loved ones in an empowered collective container. As I am not bound to any one Faith tradition, your ceremony or ritual can be deeply personal and meaningful to you and can pull from any number of traditions that resonate. I have a deep love for embodied ritual, which asks the collective to participate actively in the process as well as bearing witness.

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Depending on your needs and desires, sessions may include: Breathwork Visualization Simple moving meditation Co-created ritual Sacred Card Draws Readings .

About Johanna:

I have a great passion for the “Spaces Between”, thresholds through which we pass from what was to what is becoming.  It has been my great joy to hold space and create rituals for many different kinds of passages including weddings, preparation for the birth of a baby, key moments in the turning wheel of the year, the release of outworn parts of self, grief-processing, and celebrations of all kinds including initiations, and graduations.

When we dig down into the earth of our lives, we see the beauty and challenge that brought us to this very moment where we cross the threshold into what is unfolding. I have found that co-creating a sacred and conscious container for these transitions is incredibly empowering.  It allows us to feel that our hands and hearts are in the soil of our lives, tending new growth and clearing obstruction, all supported by the energy of “Creation”, by whatever name we call it, whether it be God, Consciousness, Highest Good, Love or Nature.

Whether you are interested in co-creating an empowered group ritual or ceremony, or desire inspired companionship as you pass through a transition in your own life, it would be my great honor to walk with you and bring my depth of experience as a teacher, guide, and celebrant of Life.

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Johanna Bell has had such a profound impact on my life as a spiritual guide, teacher, friend and collaborator. She has the ability to meet you where you are and always leads with curiosity. She doesn’t have a need to answer your questions, but rather guides you deeper into your heart by providing useful explorations. She sits alongside you in moments of suffering and longing. She also has a gift of using artistry to help guide others to express and embody the courage it takes to walk a path of meaning, change and integrity.

Tanya B

I've been fortunate to work with Johanna Bell as a student and client. She is warm, compassionate, genuine, and down-to-earth. I felt like I was in safe hands and well-guided. One thing that really impresses me about Johanna is the undivided attention she gives to her clients. She really cares and it shows. Johanna is fully engaged and invested in the relationships she builds with others. I feel fortunate to have worked with Johanna Bell and am happy to have her as one of my mentors.

Krishna D.

Our conversation left me feeling release and affirmation- as if I’d just had a particularly cathartic conversation with a dear family member. Throughout, I never felt I should defer to your thinking or way of being .You made me feel safe and seen in this way by doing a few things.
You used affirming language. I cannot think of a single example of a stop word that you used to curb a thought or feeling I shared. And when I did share, you tied it back to the larger themes we had been discussing.
When you shared an insight, you used the phrase “my intuition” as opposed to “I”. That language invites more spirit into the sharing. Intuition- to me- is a vehicle or spirit and the life force so using the phrase “my intuition” made me feel like spirit was working through your intuition to make clearer the messages from my intuition. It made me feel equal to you and connected to you. It made me receive in a more embodied, deeper way.
You knew just when to honestly and authentically share your experience and did so in a way that demonstrated real empathy and that you were in moments with me.
I felt like I came in with a jumble of thoughts and feelings and you helped me focus to see the intentionality and patterns that were there by giving ample space for me to talk, by listening deeply, and by using affirming language to validate my experience.

Kera K

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