The “Green Fire” of Spring
Lakshmi Ma: Sri Embodied
Paradox: Doing and Not Doing
Paradox: Darkness and Light
Paradox: Unknowing Into Understanding
Paradox: Ardhanarishvara
Sacred Anger: Catalyst for Transformation
Retrograde: Energy in Motion
Radical Joy
Energy in Motion: The Vayus
The Guru Within
The Radical Path of Self Love
Serpent Medicine: Change at a Cellular Level
Atha Yoga Anusasanam
The Light of the Unified Heart
Wishing: The Luminous Word at the Dawn of a New Way
12: The Light of Completion
Owl Medicine: The Light of Intuition
Gratitude:  Threshold Between Love & It’s Power
Rites of Passage: Thresholds Between I & We
Number 11- Power Portal
At the Threshold of the Unknown: Ganesha
Kali: The Transformative Energy of Our Time
The Alchemical Number 10
The Alchemy of Autumn
Phoenix Alchemy
The Conch & Deep Listening
Where Wave Meets Depth: Equinox
Revolutionary Refuge
Dragonfly Medicine
Swimming the Sacred Stream