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Are you ready to commence the journey of a lifetime and beyond?

Illumina’s 200 hour YA registered Vinyasa Yoga program will open every doorway in your heart to the living path of yoga and give you all the tools you need to successfully dive into the sacred calling of teaching.

During this 6 month livestreamed training you will:
  • Embody, Align, Enhance and Teach Asana from day 1.
  • Explore the origins of yoga & the ancient wisdom texts in a deeply personal way.
  • Enter the intricate beauty of the body systems, from both a physical & energetic perspective.
  • Enjoy the process of creating Full Spectrum classes that originate from the heart and are sequenced from a place of physical integrity & aligned with higher wisdom.
  • Envelop yourself in the life-changing practices of meditation &    pranayama.
  • Embrace the sacred archetypes at the heart of the yoga tradition.
  • Engage in useful conversations about the practicalities & intricacies of being a yoga teacher.

The Curriculum

Morning Embodiment Sadhana

Each Weekend Morning Sadhana will introduce and deepen topics covered throughout the training including alignment,both energetic and physical as well as basic principles of connective sequencing.

Adventures in Asana

In each session, a different category of asana (pose) will be broken down with the use of the training manual. Individual postures within each category will be embodied. We will discuss proper cues,correct alignment and cover foundational modifications/use of props for each posture. Key muscular actions will be discussed as well as how the posture relates to the energetic system.

Assists and Enhancements

This section will include a detailed breakdown of how to assist each of the postures covered within the context of the training. Students will learn how and when to safely adjust postures structurally and when to offer energetic enhancements. This section will also include a discussion and practice of how to see structure and energy as a teacher.

The Art of the Breath/Pranayama

Students will learn to embody the breath as a gateway between the physical and spiritual practice of yoga. Classical techniques of pranayama will be broken down in terms of technique and energetic effect and students will embody and reflect on each.

The Power of Sound Vibration/Mantra

Mantra will be defined and explained as a pathway to meditation and connection to divine source. Students will learn the correct pronunciation and meaning of some fundamental mantra and will have the oportunity to practice mantra both in a group setting and individually.

 The Inner Journey/ Meditation

In these sessions, students will learn about meditation and from a practical and esoteric standpoint. Different basic meditation techniques from a variety of traditions will be explored in theory and practice with an eye to understanding how these techniques may serve unique individuals in different ways.

Beginner’s Mind

This will be a specialized section dedicated to undertanding how to deeply modify postures,techniques and sequences for the absolute beginner with the awareness to common postural misalignments, challenges and misconceptions.

Illuminated Sequencing

This is Illumina’s primary philosophy and underlying focus. The art of proper vinyasa (placing in a special way) with strong intention in alignment with lifeforce and the natural rhythms of the universe.  Students will explore the philosophy of Vinyasa krama and learn to sequence in a variety of ways, from classical category, to peak pose, to illuminated cycle.

Pathways to Communication

As many individuals as there are, there are equally as many ways of learning.  In this section we will explore different learning styles (visual, kinetici, auditory etc.) and how to effectively teach to reach the broadest expanse of possibilities.  Positive and affirmative communication methods will also be explored

Private Yoga

An exploration of the differences between private sessions and public classes.  We will explore ways of crafting unique practices for the individual client.  Students will receive sample worksheets to help them understand  the needs of the individual and to design a personal program accordingly.

Essentials of Anatomy

Illumina students will receive a 2 day intensive immersion  in the beauty and complexity of the body and will explore the essential components for understanding and teaching from a safe modern biomechanic standpoint.Topics will include the 12 systems and structures of the body, the planes of the body and associated movement, the control systems (endocrine and nervous), compression vs. tension,anatomy of the breath, and basic pre-natal awareness. Practical application and fun embodiment exercises included.

The Anatomy of Energy

Students will study the landscape of the subtle body (the Chakras, Nadis and Koshas) and will explore the power of these systems in the healing of the whole human system and in bringing energetic depth to the creation of the class. We will also investigate how the energy systems relate to the physical.

Practical Application of Anatomy

Students will independently connect their anatomy learning (physical and subtle) to the physical postures with the worksheet asigned each asana within the manual. Students will also complete a take home anatomy exam and an on site subtle body exam.

The Origins of Yoga

Students will learn and discuss the origins, meaning and evolution of yoga through the years.  They will learn the contributions of Key figures in Yoga’s passage to the west such as Vivekananda,Krishnamacharya,Iyengar, Jois, Indra Devi and Desikachar.

Yoga Biz

Tools to guide the new teacher in the practical work of teaching.  Included will be legal requirements and the preparation of documents, branding and websites, pricing guidelines and the art of networking.

The Eight Limbed Path

As described in the Yoga Sutras will be discussed in depth as a key tool in accessing the depth and richness of the full practice of yoga.  Students will be required to journal on and speak about their personal relationship to each of the limbs.

The Creative Stream

Illumina believes that the creative stream of each individual is the pathway to universal truth.  This section will show students how to link their individual truth to the universal through theme, light-filled language, and all elements that affect the Bhavana or feeling state of the class.

The Bhagavad Gita

We will explore this classic and heroic text from the context of the archetype of the inner hero.  Students will be invited to read the text as metaphor.  We will also explore the different paths of yoga as outlined in the text. A written personal reflection will be required as well as a classroom presentation of themes that resonate within the heart of the student.

Ethics First/ Do No Harm

We will discuss the ethics of being a yoga teacher through the lense of the Yamas, in particular ahimsa (non-violence) in all the ways a teacher may interact with students.

Personal Embodiment

An invitation to create a dedicated at home practice to support the teacher in training and to anchor key concepts within the asana.

The Yoga Sutras

We will explore this foundational text of Ashtanga Yoga in a very personal way.  Each student will be required to read the text in advance and write 4 personal reflections, one on each pada.  We will discuss each pada as a whole. Students will be asked to present their thoughts on one sutra of choice and explain how they might access the wisdom of the Sutra in the context of class creation.

Teaching Skills

Students will have the opportunity to step up and guide their fellows through individual asanas, small flows and energetic exercises with feedback from the faculty.  They will also be required to practice teach independently at home and log those hours. This practice teaching will culminate in the practical exam where each student will teach a portion of a final class created by a small group of fellows. This final project will bring all of the elements together from physical, to subtle to the sequencing that holds it together.

Deities and Archetypes

In this section, we will dive into the many archetypes revealed by the pantheon of deities from the Hindu tradition which inform the yoga practice.  Particular attention will be given to how to relate each archetype/deity to the modern human condition and the context of class creation.

Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.

John Steinbeck



January 14th – June 11th, 2023

Friday: 5:30-7:30pm
Saturday: 10am-6:30pm
Sunday: 10am-5:30pm
January 14-15, February 10-12, March 10-12, April 14-16, May 19-21, June 9-11
*All weekends include a Friday evening workshop with the exception of the opening weekend.
Thursdays Asana Lab 2x/month 5:30-7:30pm at studio
Monday Meditation 10 sessions 7-8:30pm via zoom
10 hours additional special in person workshops
Attendance at 4 Luminous Sanctuary gatherings (Illumina's monthly community offering via zoom)
15 hours of practice and reflection with Illumina Director via Zoom

I want to learn how to hold the paradoxical poles of my identity together, to embrace the profoundly opposite truths that my sense of self is deeply dependent on others dancing with me and that I still have a sense of self when no one wants to dance.

Parker Palmer

Teaching Faculty


Johanna Bell

Johanna is known as a teacher of teachers and an inspiration guru who mentors countless yoga instructors on their ever expanding journeys. She is a sequencing specialist devoted to the infinite creative and connective stream of each individual’s truth and is the founder of the Full Spectrum Sequencing Approach. Her classes incorporate poetry, moving metaphor and music in a rich orchestral way that guides the student on a soulful, sweaty journey into the heart of what it means to be human. As a counselor and healer, she is recognized for her ability to see the light, wholeness and infinite potential within everyone she meets.

Johanna’s yoga journey started when she was a wee tot, dancing to express the things that had no words, writing to find the images that evoke… These loves carried her through years of training as a classical ballet dancer, a degree in theatre with an emphasis on literature and a successful career as an actor, singer, dancer, choreographer in New York and on the road. Her dabbling into yoga turned serious when she discovered Sonic and the expressive joyful, forgiving energy of the space. She graduated from the 200-hour program under the guidance of Lauren Hanna and Jonathan Fields and soon realized that the teachings made sense of everything she ever believed in and brought all her separate pieces together. She’s never looked back…becoming teacher and manager of the 2nd Sonic Space in Westchester almost immediately…guiding that studio through it’s transition to Quest Yoga Arts, Joining The Sonic Training Faculty and ultimately stepping into her home base in NYC as Co-Director in 2009, serving Sonic and all its training programs in that capacity until 2014. In the midst of all that, she was blessed with a 500-hour certificate under the guidance of the incomparable Sri Dharma Mittra and has continued to be inspired through the lineage of Shiva Rea, the wisdom of the Tantra, the Pneuma System and ancient Shamanic wisdom. She is a Reiki Healer and has studied under Guru Dharam Khalsa for her certificate in Kundalini Yoga Therapy. She is married to the most magical man and fellow Yogi, Jim Bell. They reside with their daughter Lucia in Carmel, NY.

Lead Teacher

Kathleen Savoy

Kathleen Savoy is a teacher at heart, most particularly of yoga asana & meditation (though always a student of the human experience and one who deeply loves all of life's paradoxical happenings, too.) Currently writing ten different book ideas, and working in middle school making kids laugh and encouraging their expansion, she also offers a coaching program; the Remember Routine, that helps women design their own morning practice. She takes 1:1 clients who desire to delve into a movement practice that brings joy, she's master smoothie maker, and lover of all things light and dark. Her modern family includes her husband, 7 year-old son, teenage stepdaughter, dog, cat, two bunnies, and usually a few cousins running around.
Teaching Faculty

Maria Wagner

Yoga is an invitation to enter into deep and loving relationship with all parts of ourselves. Within me, yoga has ignited a dance between inner exploration and outward expression, and serves as a path to remembering the sacredness and interconnectedness of all things. I began practicing yoga in 2009 in the tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar with Melora Gregory. With a strong foundation in asana alignment, I discovered vinyasa flow and fell in love with the way that the practice embodies the rising and falling, always-changing nature of life. From then on, yoga became my path inward and outward toward self-acceptance, expression, empowerment, and the ability to connect with truth. As a graduate of Sonic Yoga's 200 hr and Illumina Yoga's 300 hr teacher trainings, both under the guidance of Johanna Bell, I am now honored to be on the teaching faculty of Illumina Yoga's trainings which have been so deeply transformational in my life. In my teaching I encourage all practitioners to trust their body's intuition and embrace their own individual experience. My classes are rooted in Tantric philosophy and hold the sentiment that the Divine can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Designed around a specific energetic theme, my flow classes weave together asana, dance-like moving metaphors and mudras, breath, mantra, mythology and archetypal energies, and music to explore the infinite wonder of nature and the depth of this human experience. I honor the 5,000+ year old South Asian roots of Yoga and offer gratitude to all of the teachers who have skillfully and ethically transmitted these powerful teachings.
Teaching Faculty

Melissa Landers

Melissa Landers discovered early on that the practice of yoga, the teaching of it, was her dharma. Yoga had become her breath, her heart, her way of life and living. She is a vocal, ground rumbling, shapeshifting explorer of the evolution of the soul, and a deep lover of all things pertaining to the Mother. Holding a sacred container in which self exploration, surrender, healing, and truth can be realized through this sacred and ancient practice is her highest priority. Melissa is a mother, a wife, a sister and friend, a writer, and avid maker of playlists.
Teaching Faculty

Erin Compton

For a decade and counting, Erin has been deepening her relationship with the multi-faceted practice of yoga. As a new, young mother when she first stepped foot on a mat, she was convinced that yoga was meant to be a daily part of her life. In 2012, Erin took a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Jacqui Bonwell in Portland, Maine - with the intent to gain more knowledge, empower her own students and transform their lives through mindfulness, discipline and dedication. Since then, Erin has continued her education in this field by becoming Trauma Yoga certified, Y12SR certified (yoga for addiction and recovery), as well as Yin Yoga certified.

Erin recently completed her 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Kimberly Dahlmann at Yoga East in Kittery. Erin’s intention and passion is offering service yoga to the recovery population. As a lifelong athlete(gymnast), her body and mind resonate with the way yoga assists with mental, physical and spiritual aspects of life. Her humor, heart and spirit are vibrantly expressed in her teaching.

You can’t direct the wind but you can adjust the sails.


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$2800 early bird, by 12/14/2022
(payment due in full)
$3000 a month in advance
(payment due in full)
$3200 payment plan
($1000 down and 4 payments of $550)

All tuition and deposits are non-refundable

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