2020 Vision

Elevate Your Identity to Match Your Soul Potential

Are You In?

What are you tired of complaining about?

Where are you settling for an outdated story of what’s possible?

How do your ideas of who you are get in the way of who you actually are?

This 40 day ‘vision quest’ will challenge ALL of that

We all have a story about who we are and what is possible. But at times it’s important to challenge what that self narrative is. Decide whether it’s a part of your true identity, or if it stands in the way of you standing in the center of who you authentically are.
Over the course of 40 days you will:

• Excavate and examine outdated ideas.
• Reflect upon where they came from.
• Purify yourself by uprooting these outdated stories from deep within your subconscious.
• Transfigure the old patterns by using them as tools to connect to a deeper truth and purpose.
• Reconnect to your authenticity amidst this newly found freedom.
• Amplify
by fully stepping forward and expanding this elevated identity into every facet of your life.

The Challenge


Over 40 days you will master a powerful 11 minute meditation to break stories that block you from connecting to your true potential. It has the capacity to make your self-doubt float away so you live in your natural courage and grace.


One weekly tele-call/ writing sessions for self inquiry. Engage with yogic principals and deeper questions.


One weekly 75min Kundalini yoga class to deepen and amplify your work. Clear your subconscious burdens and elevate the caliber of your thoughts.

Receive a Dynamic System of Support

Opening and closing circles for creating intention and ritualizing this powerful process.


Weekly emails on yogic mythology relating to the weekly self inquiry.


Weekly group check-ins to connect and generate accountability.


Ongoing support and check-ins will help you process and keep up.


Rian Bodner

"I first started to practice yoga to attain the body and life I wish I had. Now I practice to feel empowered within the body and life I already posses."

As a teacher and the director of Illumina East, my priority isn’t to get you excited about me, or our space, but for you to be excited about you. To help you experience the prosperity of your integrity, fearlessness, and truth so that you can serve your heart, your relationships, your authenticity, and your life’s mission, in the most elevated, empowered, and ‘bad-ass” way possible.

What you can expect from practicing with me: Expect the unexpected. You will learn how to direct your energy in the most potent way possible, and how to show up for yourself with sensitivity and strength. Expect to explore your blindspots, and gain deeper awareness of how your mind operates and how the body responds. How your humanness and struggle and heart are all an asset to your growth and success.

Rian Bodner

Johanna Bell

Johanna is known as a teacher of teachers and an inspiration guru who mentors countless yoga instructors on their ever expanding journeys. She is a sequencing specialist devoted to the infinite creative and connective stream of each individual’s truth and is the founder of the Full Spectrum Sequencing Approach. Her classes incorporate poetry, moving metaphor and music in a rich orchestral way that guides the student on a soulful, sweaty journey into the heart of what it means to be human. As a counselor and healer, she is recognized for her ability to see the light, wholeness and infinite potential within everyone she meets.

Johanna’s yoga journey started when she was a wee tot, dancing to express the things that had no words, writing to find the images that evoke… These loves carried her through years of training as a classical ballet dancer, a degree in theatre with an emphasis on literature and a successful career as an actor, singer, dancer, choreographer in New York and on the road. Her dabbling into yoga turned serious when she discovered Sonic and the expressive joyful, forgiving energy of the space. She graduated from the 200-hour program under the guidance of Lauren Hanna and Jonathan Fields and soon realized that the teachings made sense of everything she ever believed in and brought all her separate pieces together. She’s never looked back…becoming teacher and manager of the 2nd Sonic Space in Westchester almost immediately…guiding that studio through it’s transition to Quest Yoga Arts, Joining The Sonic Training Faculty and ultimately stepping into her home base in NYC as Co-Director in 2009, serving Sonic and all its training programs in that capacity until 2014. In the midst of all that, she was blessed with a 500-hour certificate under the guidance of the incomparable Sri Dharma Mittra and has continued to be inspired through the lineage of Shiva Rea, the wisdom of the Tantra, the Pneuma System and ancient Shamanic wisdom. She is a Reiki Healer and has studied under Guru Dharam Khalsa for her certificate in Kundalini Yoga Therapy. She is married to the most magical man and fellow Yogi, Jim Bell. They reside with their daughter Lucia in Carmel, NY.

Johanna Bell

Susanna Harwood Rubin

Teaching since 2002, Susanna inspires through her passion for Hindu myth, mantra, and the Tantric tradition, specifically Rajanaka Tantra, which she has studied for over sixteen years in the U.S. and in South India. Susanna believes that your body is your temple, and whether you are in a yoga studio or in nature, traveling or at home, you can celebrate your embodied life by stepping onto your mat and moving with your breath. Her spiritual home is the great Nataraja Temple of Chidambaram.

Susanna created Devi Soul Yoga, an approach to teaching that includes Hindu myth, mantra, mudra, and meditation in each of her classes. She combines these practices with a careful attention to alignment and an emphasis on the breath to guide flowing movement sequences. Her classes are challenging, inviting students into the deep sweetness of svadhyaya, or self-study.

Off the mat, Susanna spends her time writing and drawing. Her book, Yoga 365, was released by Chronicle Books in October 2016, and is in its fourth printing. Susanna writes for numerous publications, including The Huffington Post, Mantra Wellness, Yoga Journal, Elephant Journal, and NY Yoga+Life Magazine.

Susanna created the popular Writing Your Practice and 30Things workshops and online courses, which apply yoga philosophy and myth to the practice of writing, unlocking yogis’ creativity and refining their self-expression. Students from over 25 countries have participated since 2011.

Susanna is based in New York City, but teaches internationally. Her current weekly classes are at Brooklyn’s Abhaya Yoga and YogaWorks Soho. She teaches public workshops in Yoga Philosophy, Myth, Mantra, Meditation, and Writing, and guest teaches for numerous teacher trainings. She teaches, mentors, and coaches privately in these areas as well.

Susanna Harwood Rubin

Hannah Gruber

I came to yoga and Ayurveda from a stressful, jam-packed life, with debiliiating allergies, asthma and digestive issues. Tired of medication, inhalers, doctors, caffeine and not enough sleep, I was willing to try anything.

I decided to stop believing the myth that feeling terrible was my fate. I didn’t want to walk around with a smile on my face while my body was in pain. I wanted to OWN my body and my health. I wanted to take care of myself.

I believe that great health is a holistic matter: when your body, mind or emotions are out of alignment, it throws the whole system off. However, the more you come into balance, the greater your magnetic potential, purpose, meaning, and love in life.

Hannah Gruber

Julius Betila

Julius Betila's natural curiosity in science and technology led to spirituality and a deeper connection to the universe. Sound as an energy modality helped Julius align his mind, body, and spirit to connect with his passion of helping others. With a loving intention and gratitude, Julius creates a meditative soundscape with a mixture of sacred instruments to promote a sense of well-being and to strengthen the heart-brain coherence.
Julius Betila
Upcoming Course dates

TBA- Notify Me!

Opening Circle
Saturday 1/25
Illumina East/ or via Zoom Call
Sundays 1/26, 2/2, 2/9, 2/16, 2/23, 3/1
Zoom Call
Morning Meditation
Zoom Call
Weekly Yoga Class
Illumina East/ Zoom Call
Closing Circle
Saturday 3/7
Illumina East/ or Zoom Call

Course Fee

$179 early bird  / $199 full
Monthly Members $22 early / $44 full

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this 40 Days long?

It takes 40 days of a daily meditation to break a negative habitual though pattern and create the space to install a new elevated self concept.

Why Kundalini Yoga?

The weekly classes are Kundalini based. While other forms of yoga have benefits galore, Kundalini Yoga has specific practices which work directly on the subconscious mind. You will literally hack into your brain to re-wire habitual, long held though patterns and beliefs to directly connect to your most authentic self.

These practices are accessible for any level of experience and do not require any level of flexibility or advanced physical conditioning.

Can this be done remotely?

Yes, this course can be done remotely! Morning meditation group is a Zoom call as well as yoga classes will be Zoom + recorded.

Do I have to wake up every day at 6am?

While it’s best to create a habit and regular time to meditate as a group, the meditation will also be recorded for you to do anytime you like during the day on your own.

What if I miss a zoom call?

There is a video recording of the meditation to practice with at any point you miss a live meeting.

What if I miss a day of meditation?!?

Your life is a process. This challenge isn’t a means to hate yourself into a version of yourself you love. It is an opportunity to feel supported in challenging the notions of who you think you are and gain the self knowledge to make more empowered choices.

I have a hard time sitting crosslegged to meditate, how can I do this?

You can sit in any position that works for you allowing you to have a tall spine, including sitting in a chair, so it is accessible to anyone.

My mind is too busy to meditate, should I bother?

Yes! this meditation has nothing to do with how quiet your mind is, it’s working on a subconscious energetic level and is a highly effective technology which will yield lasting results regardless of how “unquiet” your mind feels.

I already have a daily meditation practice, is this different?

This practice is a wonderful supplement as it gives you a highly charged energetic experience and can help to deepen an already existing practice. You can incorporate the meditation before or after your practice. Our guided system of support utilizes this specific meditation as a portal of awareness and transformation.